Ongoing training & CPD are important elements for all IFA firms.

The FCA, quite justifiably, is very keen to see that authorised firms take reasonable steps to ensure that all staff (especially those Certified and / or holding Senior Manager Functions) are taking all reasonable steps to maintain and develop their skills & competence.

The main courses are currently:
- Zoom training on Anti-Money Laundering / Data-protection/ Complaints Handling / Anti-Bribery / Whistleblowing – typically aimed at all employees at a small / medium sized IFA practice. To discuss topical issues within the sector

- Supervisor Refresher Courses for those who understand the workings of IFA firms (one-day) - Typical cost in the region of £195 per person for subscribers and £285 for non-retainer clients (plus a loading of circa £40 per delegate in Central London due to the venue costs)

- Compliance Training Courses - to understand more about the standards within small / medium Directly Authorised firms - Typical cost in the region of £195 per person for subscribers and £350 for non-retainer clients.

To register your interest in any of these sessions, please email:

One-day Supervisor Refresher course:

What is it?

A one-day workshop designed to develop the skills of existing supervisors / business owners / Compliance staff at IFA firms. The session will include an overview of FCA T&C Rule requirements, Supervisor core skills and consideration of how 'Risk-Based' systems can work. The course is run by Philip Dibb (former FSA Supervision Officer from 1997 to 2002) who has been awarded the status of chartered financial planner and holds H15 (Sales & Management) and AF6.

Why attend?

Three good reasons –
First, because we believe it is an FCA requirement that the vast majority of IFA firms (except sole practitioners) have at least one nominated supervisor and that this individual must maintain their supervisory skills on a regular basis and keep up to date with regulatory requirements.
Second, developing the skills of the supervisors will add value to the IFA practice and should increase performance of the individuals being supervised. Third, the FCA generally expects firms to have adequate risk management systems in place, and this includes T & C and Compliance.

Many IFA firms still apply historic 'one size fits all' T & C rules to their advisers, which in many cases are no longer appropriate to that business.

Workshop objectives will help IFAs to:

- Develop and enhance existing supervisory skills
- Understand key FCA T & C requirements
- Streamline existing processes where possible
- Identify key areas of their own T & C scheme which could be improved
- Understand more about implementing a 'Risk-Based' T & C / Compliance process
- Learn about similar challenges held by other IFA firms and discuss the various solutions available.
- Understand the SM&CR regime for small to medium sized IFA firms (from SoRs, fit & proper & Certification)

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